Story Telling

Someone recently asked if I found the transition from stills to video a difficult one. I told her that I don’t really consider myself transitioning to motion, but rather expanding my services through its inclusion. The expansion was a natural one for me because theme shooting and storytelling have been an integral part of my still photography for what seems like forever. Her next question was “Well, how do you tell a story in stills?” Now I admit I was a bit taken aback by the question, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks, that there are lots of photographers whose work never calls on them to tie multiple frames together in a way that tells a story. Storytelling requires a different discipline because you literally must plan out your frames to convey the action. Additionally, if you are working on a magazine editorial, you know that you have a limited number of pages (six is a good number) from start to finish. It might mean multiple models and clothing changes, and props.
One of my favorite projects that I often cite as an example of storytelling in stills is a project I undertook called “Twisted Classic Children’s Tales.” I created multipage fashion editorials based on three classic children’s stories. The images below are from one of my favorites.





The images were shot at 10 am on a sunny day.  The location was a traffic triangle near La Guardia Airport in New York City.  A single Profoto head was mounted in a five-foot giant umbrella, and powered by a Profoto B2.  The model – Peter Chen for Q Models.

The images in this entry and which appear elsewhere in this blog are copyrighted by Byron Atkinson.

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June 2010

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